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Company Overview

Our Objectives

RISECOM CORPORATION is committed and will promise to bring the most innovative, reliable, and competitively-price OEM/ODM solutions to its customers worldwide with timely delivery and responsive after-sales services.

Business Activities

RISECOM CORPORATION is an innovated designer and quality manufacturer develops high-performance and cost effective ICT products for customers who look for quick, ready-made solutions with extreme flexibility that can be easily modified, reconfigured, and applied for use in different business sectors. As well as for those with special requirements and are looking for custom made solutions.


RISECOM Corp., Taiwan, was established in March, 2009., specialized in the ICT products development and manufacturing of the highest quality in OEM / ODM market, has since 2009, moved up to the next level and becomes one of the world's finest, the most innovated computer hardware platform developer on the designing and manufacturing of AIO PC, industrial motherboards and systems. Backed by its competitive R&D team, RISECOM has over the years successfully helped numerous renowned international companies solve their business problems with most innovative, state of the art solutions, and has been recognized as a highly dynamic company with not only the flexibility but also the capability in adopting latest technologies, and most of all, for its ever undivided attention in satisfying its customers' needs.


Chief Of Executive :

Established :

No. Of Employees :

Total Capital :

Annual Sales :

Company Activity :

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Product Line :

Mr. Kevin Zhang



US$1.6 Million

US$15.5 Million

Manufacturer / Exporter / OEM & ODM



Motherboard / AIO PC / Panel PC / BOX PC / Bare-bone System / DC to DC Converter

Dollar values above are for reference only.

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