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In product features, ergonomics, aesthetics and fashionable design,

RISECOM design teams have the full range of development experience.



- BIOS development

- Communication S/W

- Driver/Utilities


Industrial Design

- Concept design development

- Prototyping

- 3D modeling

- Working samples


Mechanical Engineering

- PCB circuit design/layout

- Mechanical and electrical modeling

- Structural design and testing

- Thermal testing at component, system, rack level

- Packaging design

- System acoustics, EMI, safety design

- DFT, DFR, DFM, DFS reviews

About development products, from ID design, material, component, functionality, testing, assembly, mass production, environmental and packaging.

RISECOM's industrial design teams support our customers addresses all related engineering problems.

RISECOM's teams provide customized services including thermal, power, structural and reliability engineering for products.

Product Development

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