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RISECOM follows the ISO spirit and integrates the implementation of PDCA(Plan-Do-Check-Action) cycle into our daily operation to ensure quality policy is thoroughly executed.

RISECOM product design quality assurance and manufacturing quality control will help customer development product with quality failure prevention idea.

From early design stage to manufacturing quality control until market feedback, electronic design automation, reliability engineering, product certification engineering, EMC and safety engineering for customer's expectations on product design can be fully fulfilled and quality continuous improvement.

Electronic design automation

In the design plan, product production and specifications requirements will use EDA to support guidelines and validation. About parts library establish, impedance simulation, material stack-up, placement, signal noise, design correction, PCB manufacturing, EDA tools help to complete product design and quality improvement.

Reliability engineering

In order to minimize the potential risk of product failure, in design and validation stage will collaborating with R&D department to plan reliability testing items. For different products and customer request, we have various simulations are targeted to test product functionality, user operations, transportation and storage environments.

From reliability testing, analyze and market feedback to find out the root causes of problem then fix as for continuous improvement.

Product certification engineering

We provides product certification and technical consulting services.

In development stage, product design follow related certification requirements to ensure fully product compatibility.

The authorized certification test lab to provide customer support and service for enhancing product marketability.

EMC and safety engineering

We provide product design support in EMC, product safety, wireless communication, environment and power saving of worldwide certification.

In the stage of product design, about circuit layout and mechanical part will follow worldwide regulations, customer specific requirements, product type and certification categories.

In the verification stage, products are tested and verified also follow with the worldwide regulations to ensure the quality meets customer requirements.

Quality Assurance

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