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RISECOM is able to execute the production plan as scheduled while meeting the quality expectations of our customers.

From IQC ensure supplier quality to OBA final assembled and packaged sample testing, our industry standard testing stations will ensure each quality stage to meet customer's requirements.

QA engineers use tools, methods, programs in-depth analysis any defects component / board to determining the root cause of failures.

In the future manufacturing, can help to eliminate for similar problems and improve overall manufacturing standards.


Quality management programs

- XCSA (Extended Customer Simulation Audit)

- OOBA (Out-of-box audit)

- FMEA (Failure mode effects analysis)

- TQM (Total quality management)

- ORT (On-going reliability test)

- DQA (Design quality assurance)

- DVT (Design verification testing)

- SQM (Supplier quality management)

- CIP (Continuous improvement program)


Testing applications

- PCB test

- ICT (In-circuit tester)

- ATE (Auto test equipment)

- AXI (Automated x-ray inspection)

- AOI (Automated optical inspection)

- Functional test

- System integration test

- Pre-Run-in test

- Run-in test

- Final test

- Wireless & Telecom

- Communication Test

- Multiple S/W platform

- ESS (environmental stress screening)

Quality Control

RISECOM testing processes were developed through years of experience in manufacturing ICT products.

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